The Life of an Average Teenager




Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

it finally feels like 2014

Every once in a while there’s an invention you never knew you always needed.


Metatron you great big bag of dicks

Cas: Wait, are you dead?
Gabriel: *waggles eyebrows*

Did he just call Cas Dean’s boytoy?


Cas smiling and asking how Dean is doing don’t fucking touch me

Dean in the shower. This is a nice way to start the episode.


a list of reasons i would be the worst girlfriend ever

  • extremely ticklish
  • runs away from feelings
  • also problems
  • bad communicator
  • awkward and shy around people i like
  • refuses to make plans ever
  • sarcastic asshole


Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. More Here